3 Types of Products Zinc Dust Manufacturers Produce For Their Clients

Zinc dust manufacturers are about to offer three different types of products to their clients. They will serve zinc dust type I, type II, and type III. Indeed, you will get confused with the classification, especially if it is your first time ordering zinc dust. Learn more about the types of zinc dust below.   

Zinc Dust Type I 

Zinc Dust Manufacturers are often ready with zinc dust type I. It means that the product is not pure zinc. The product may contain other compounds, such as chlorine, cadmium, and sulfur. The total of zinc dust on Type I products is 94% and 6% of other compounds. 

Some manufacturers often use zinc dust type I to produce cheap paint and other zinc dust-based products. The products with zinc dist type I are not durable enough. It has a poor corrosion resistance level. As a result, you have to reapply or even use another product to defend the surface from corrosion. 

Zinc Dust Type II

Zinc dust manufacturers are also ready if you want to buy zinc dust Type II. The significant difference between zinc dust Type I and Type II is in the zinc percentage. It is also considered not pure zinc dust.

The percentage of zinc is 95 to 96 percent. The 5 to 4 percent of the product is other compounds. Indeed, it affects the strength of preventing corrosion on a variety of surfaces. 

The quality of zinc dust type II is better than Type I. The cost of the products that contain this zinc dust can be affordable and more expensive than Type II-based products. 

Zinc Dust Type III

Zinc-based paint manufacturers choose to mix the materials with zinc dust Type III to create high-quality paint. Type III has the highest zinc percentage. The zinc in this product reaches up to 97 percent. 

It means that this product only contains approximately 3 percent or even less of other compounds. As a result, this zinc dust can protect surfaces from corrosion better compared to Type I and Type II. No wonder zinc dust Type III-based products are expensive. 

Indeed, it is because you get more benefits. You don’t have to reapply the product too often only to protect the surfaces from corrosion and rust.  

The point is that you know why the price of paint products is different in the market. It can be because the manufacturers use different types of zinc dust. This information will also be valuable for those who want to order zinc dust from reputable zinc dust manufacturers. At least, you will get the right zinc dust you are expecting

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